Mark Barrett


Possessing over ten years experience in digital marketing, I run a successful consultancy working with clients across multiple industries including recruitment, retail, hospitality, travel, leisure, sports, telecoms and non-profits.

My experience spans both agency and client-side working for major brands, both in the UK and internationally, including Vodafone, British Gas, Saab, B&Q, NetGear, Hitachi and Club Med.

I have a track record in PPC, SEO, UX, CRO, social media, analytics, website design, and development.

My experience in these different disciplines enables me to deliver a complete digital strategy to clients and plug resource gaps if required.


It begins with understanding and analysis.
I will learn about your company, assess available data and if there is none, I will begin accumulating it. I will evaluate assets such as website and social media profiles and perform competitor analysis and feed back the results.


After analysis comes the strategy.
Armed with the information gathered during the analysis stage I will formulate an overall strategy to develop existing assets and create new one’s aimed at maximising exposure and delivering optimal return on investment.


Now I know who you are and what we’re doing we’re at the delivery stage.
It’s here that the relationship becomes bespoke as I can hand you the strategy, train you to deliver it, manage existing suppliers, deliver the strategy myself or a mixture of these options.


“We have enjoyed a partnership with Mark since our formation and we look forward to further growth in the future.”
Ross Bessell, BOSS Professional
Ross Bessell
“Mark’s approach to projects is rigorous and practical… always looking to achieve the best results possible and then improving and improving some more.”
Sarah Platts, Base One
Sarah Platts
“Mark provided a professional, efficient and fast paced turnaround for the London PA Awards website with simple creativity and immaculate design in less than 72 hrs.”
Amy Law
“Mark has full control over our PPC campaigns and has worked hard to keep our cost per sale down while constantly maintaining high positions in paid search results. We have not looked back since making the switch.”
Stuart Gibson, Shower Seal Ltd
Stuart Gibson